Cheap Gas

I saw gas last night for $1.95 a gallon. When gas was $4 a gallon a couple of months ago, people were rushing to dump their trucks and SUV’s to get more efficient vehicles. So has the opposite happened now that gas is cheap again? Since car shopping in May, I’ve been on a bunch of car dealers’ e-mail lists. I got an e-mail this week from a Toyota dealer saying they are having a Prius Clearance Event, a “blow out” sale on 25 cars, selling them at dealer invoice cost.

4 thoughts on “Cheap Gas

  1. Riding home from Mom’s house yesterday, I saw gas for $1.88. I looked at my tank. Half full. Thought about buying some cheap gas just for the fun of it. Maybe if I had seen my tank as half empty…

  2. Susan filled her jeep with mid-grade for $1.77 a gallon last night.

    When gas was going up, stocks were going down because the inflation was going to choke our economy. Now gas prices are down and stock prices are going down in fear of deflation.

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