Mom’s New iPod

I took my 3G nano over to Mom’s house today for her to borrow. I left all of my music on there, but put it back in the original tiny box (I hadn’t even used the headphones since I have my own). I didn’t even have to show her anything except how to use the wheel to scroll through stuff. She just figured stuff out really fast on her own and was soon listening to Randy Newman’s Faust. She said the sound was very good. Then I directed her over to Feist’s music video to show that it could do video and she enjoyed that for a couple of minutes. We decided that rather than set her up with an iTunes installation on her computer, I would just put music on there from my library plus add whatever CD’s of hers she wants me to rip. But she said I could do that later so she could play around with the iPod a little first.

One thought on “Mom’s New iPod

  1. And, I DID listen to it on the porch yesterday afternoon while having a glass of wine and reading the paper. The sound is better than good. It’s awesome. I really appreciate that UT has let me borrow it. I do want to get some of my CD’s on it – like jazz and some spiritual music. I feel like I’m a little closer to being “in”.

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