Besides Panoramas, the camera also has a movie mode. I was taking a bunch of pictures of windmills while I was in Ireland, and the still pictures (mostly taken from a bus or car window) just didn’t do justice to the slowly churning windmills. We pulled over and I tried out my first movie. It turned out really well, but it’s probably too large to put here (37 MB). A little later I did another movie of windmills but it came out low resolution. While the first movie was 640×480, the second came out at 160×120, which is pretty tiny. The camera has two settings for resolution and somehow I had changed to the lower resolution setting. This is unfortunate because later on I took a great move of the owner of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Tralee with his dog who can open the back of a van, get in, and close the door.


2 thoughts on “Movies

  1. He gets so excited because that man has a farm with sheep on it, and he takes the dog to the farm in the van. So the dog thinks he is going to get to go herd sheep.

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