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This weekend I got a series of text messages from 678-315-xxxx. It started with “Hey what’s up?” Then I got two copies of the picture below (do you know this girl?). Then I got a longer message “Hey wesley its kirstin on ericas phone…im at the lake hizouse with her, and I don’t get service down here…sorry..iloveyou”


I have no idea who this person or this number is, so I can only assume it is some kind of spam. There may be a chance that it is not since it is a local number. I don’t know what Verizon charges for a text message (used to be 10 cents, now may be 25), but this spam has cost me (actually Jeb) from 40 cents to a dollar already.

3 thoughts on “Text Message Spam

  1. I got several more messages in a burst:

    1. Hey this is erica, if you want to go out with kirstin you need to hang out every once in a while, TELL THE TRUTH to her, and atleast talk on the phone to

    2. t trust you enough to go to florida with kirstin…and she’s getting stressed from you..so yeah she wanys a break while you go there…so yal are breaki

    3. n up while you go to florida…(kirstin said)

    Now it started sounding less generic, so I called Erica and a girl with a southern accent answered. I asked her to stop sending text messages, but she either hung up or we were disconnected.

  2. something like this happened to David’s phone when we set him up. Some mad sounding man speaking ebonics called more than 10 times leaving screaming messages to some girl. Luckily I intercepted the calls. Bob called him and told him the number belonged to a 14 yr old and he stopped calling.

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