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Tonight I went to Home Depot to get some 60 watt compact fluorescent bulbs and some 25 watt bulbs for my ceiling fan (which takes 3 lights and was down to 1 that worked). They had a special on the fluorescents: a 4-pack for $4.88. And they weren’t even encased in a hermetically sealed consumer-proof plastic clamshell, nothing but cardboard. They’re actually 14 watts and give off 60 watts of light (I wanted 75-watt equivalents but it was either 100 or 60). The stupid little fan lights use 25 watts and won’t last nearly as long. And they cost almost as much: 4 bulbs for $3.68.

5 thoughts on “Light Bulbs

  1. We had a guy come out from the electric company to give us some information before we have more insulation blown in the attic. He said to use the twisty light bulbs that might say 13 w but last 10,000 hours. They also give off as much light as a 60 watt bulb but aren’t as hot. Now they even make those lights for dimmer switches.

  2. Go to Home Depot and get a bunch. They are probably on sale in Florida too. But make sure you don’t get the “daylight” or “bright white” ones. Instead get the “soft white” light which is more like a regular light bulb. “Daylight” is blue.

  3. Kathy does not like the green/yellow cast. It really looks especially bad in our yellow upstairs hall. I’ve only been allowed to convert basement, garage, and the back outside bulbs to compact fluorescents.

  4. I just came from Home Depot where I was going to buy a 4 pack of 11 watt, low-voltage, wedge bulbs for our outdoor sidewalk lights. The 4-pack was $5.57. (These look like tiny, cheap, clear christmas tree lights.) I couldn’t believe the price, especially given this post. I walked out. Let it be dark.

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