Plump Juicy Raisins

The front of the box of Raisin Bran I have in my cupboard says “Hundreds of plump juicy Sun-Maid raisins.” But they aren’t plump and juicy. They are dried and shriveled like all raisins. If they were plump and juicy wouldn’t they be grapes? It just bugs me they would go out of their way to put something so blatantly false on the box.

It’s not much different from when they used to say that some cereal was part of a nutritious breakfast. The rest of the nutritious breakfast was the milk you’d put on the cereal, orange juice, eggs, toast, and fruit. Take the cereal out of that equation and you’d still have a nutritious breakfast, but with fewer calories. What they should have said was that the cereal was a completely unnecessary part of a nutritious breakfast.

5 thoughts on “Plump Juicy Raisins

  1. I have cereal every day and it certainly is healthy! Of course the fruit and milk helps it to be healthy. But, I’ve heard of diets that include cereal twice a day and people lose weight.

    I’m concerned about Jeb’s eating habits.

  2. Publix makes a cereal just called Flax Flakes. It tastes like Raisin Bran without the raisins. Go ahead and throw in some plump juicy raisins of your own and you will be so happy and healthy you won’t be able to stand yourself.

  3. I was looking at a box of Post Raisin Bran today. Now the front of the box says “Made with the Goodness of 100% Sun-Maid natural California raisins”. No “plump and juicy”. Then on the back there is a long thing about the raisins and it completely avoids “plump” and “juicy”. Instead the operative word is “chewy” as well as “a sweet and fruity morsel”.

    They must read this blog.

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