Downtown Tornado

Today I was able to see some of the tornado damage for myself. Walking around near the Capitol I could see several building with windows out. The Equitable building had a lot of windows out and covered with something white (drywall?). The Georgia Pacific building had a handful of windows blown out. Some other building had windows out as well, but I don’t know their names. A newer building had a patch of stucco torn off the side that looked like it was about 10 feet in diameter. As I rode home on MARTA (I forgot to look out this morning) I went by the cotton mill lofts and saw the corner of that building all fallen in. Also some new apartments going up had the roofing felt torn off, but I don’t think the shingles had been put on yet anyway. There were also a number of billboards damaged and as we rode by Oakland Cemetery you could see some big trees blown over there.

Other buildings were fine. The Capitol showed no damage, nor did Grady. A tower crane near Georgia State was still up and all of the buildings at Georgia State seemed fine. The tornado must have skipped over that area because it was directly between the downtown damage and the damage near the lofts and cemetery.

3 thoughts on “Downtown Tornado

  1. Amazing how much damage was done in such a short time!

    I didn’t know the MARTA went by Oakland Cemetery. I would like to ride my bike through that cemetery one Saturday and wonder if I could put my bike on the MARTA? Anybody want to go with me? I know it is one of Georgia’s oldest cemeteries and it would be an interesting tour.

  2. Julie-The cemetery is closed because of the extensive storm damage. Go to for more information. I went on one of their tours a long time ago, but would like to do another one. We could ride bikes then, too. Another really fun thing is their October day in the park which I haven’t done in a long time either. Count me (and UT) in.

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