Austin Update

This weekend, Jenny from work asked if she could keep Austin. You might remember that the first time she kept him, he broke her nose. Anyway, that never affected how much she adores Austin. Here’s an e-mail I got from her today . . .

He has been very deprived as you might suspect. After you left, he had homemade mushroom and cheese pizza with some homemade mac and cheese and chicken. You know he hated that! Yesterday, he had sliced chicken mixed with the yucky hard crap [dog food -ed.] for breakfast and a Bruster’s snack after the traumatic experience of seeing other dogs at the park. For dinner he had 3 helpings of roast with potatoes and carrots! Oh and a biscuit and banana pudding for dessert. Today he had roast and chicken with his hard crap and he’s been responding well when I say “uhuh” to the huge water intake so he only urped a little yesterday. He really likes vanilla wafers. We’ve done a fair amount of walking. He’s been his usual angelic self, cute as a bug and responding fairly well to excessive petting. He has turned into a little snore bird; must be the company he keeps. He really likes soft covers and robes. At any rate, that’s the update.

2 thoughts on “Austin Update

  1. She might. I told her that when Austin is at her house he eats better than I do. So she made me some food to take home so that I could eat as well as Austin.

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