My passport expired in 2005 and I needed a new one before the Ireland trip in July. After hearing horror stories about long delays last summer that forced people to cancel their vacations, I didn’t want to wait any later than this week, so I went ahead and filed today. Since it had been less than 15 years since my old passport was issued, I was able to file through mail and save a $30 fee for a new application, but still had to pay $67 for the passport itself. I got pictures at Walgreen’s for $8 (not a good picture, but it’s for a passport) and mailed in the application, pictures, check, and my old passport in a padded envelope. They said it should take four to six weeks, so I think they have worked through their backlog.

The State Department’s passport site (doesn’t render correctly in my SeaMonkey browser, but looks okay in Internet Explorer)

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  1. Today I received two envelopes from the government. The first was my old passport now with a “cancelled” stamp in it (I didn’t know I would get it back) and two holes punch in the front cover. Stapled to my old passport was my passport picture. The other was a Priority Mail envelope with my new passport. I guess they scan the picture and print it on the paper, adding blue stripes across my face. Less than 3 weeks!

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