4th Quarter Report

I re-started my Amazon Associates revenue on November 1 since I wouldn’t be paid for November until 2008. As I wrote earlier, things started kind of slow, but ended up doing fine. In addition to the camping stuff, I sold a 160 GB iPod for which I earned $13.80 in commissions. That was my most expensive item, but two others included a digital camera and a USB hard drive. The things I sold the most of were 12 Maxell battery packs, 7 TuneJuice2 packs, and 6 EZGear Powersticks. From my Sony car stereo page I sold 7 PAC adapters at $30 each. Total earnings were $109.98 from Amazon in the two months I was selling stuff. That still puts me slightly ahead of my target of $50 per month to keep below the IRS limit of $600 per year.

AdSense has been down, I think mostly due to advertisers being unwilling to pay as much per click but also decclining traffic: SiteMeter tells me my website traffic was off a little, down from 159,000 in 2006 to 137,000 in 2007 (I didn’t get any big spikes from Digg or Hack-a-day this year, but traffic has been trailing off a little). The DeJumbler page earned the most money, $200, with the battery pack page earning $134, and the Sony page getting $74. The DeJumbler gets a little more traffic than the battery pack, and five times as many ad clicks, but the ad clicks aren’t worth as much. My total for AdSense was $466. Revenue is down in the last quarter with November and December coming in less than $30 each whereas last year they were both over $40.

Still I have enough money for a new iPod if Apple releases something interesting January 15. And, now that I’m getting DSL and don’t need my Speedfactory dial-up account (which also provides me the space for my web pages), I will need to move the web site. That could be trouble because the search engines are all used to pointing to my Speedfactory space and I could lose traffic in the transition. I could keep the Speedfactory account just for the web page and for occasional dial-up service for $99 per year, or buy a domain (like uncleted.com) for $10 a year plus hosting for $60 per year from A Small Orange or from Jeb. Anyway, I don’t pay for internet access from my web-generated funds, but I would pay for hosting.

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  1. I don’t get Amazon money from the Dejumbler (I have tried and failed), but it has some Google ads on the right side. I think maybe when people see they will have to download a Word document and disable macro protection that they click on an ad instead. Since they can just download the file and unscramble words all day on their own, I certainly can’t count on repeat business.

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