2nd Quarter Results

The second quarter of 2007 was my best quarter ever with Amazon by a good bit. I think I benefitted a lot from spring break and graduation season when people buy battery packs for the new iPods or for upcoming travel. I had $5,783 in sales, resulting in $263 in commissions. Battery pack sales were strong, with the Maxell battery pack nearly equaling the discontinued Belkin at its peak, with 51 of those sold during the period (one was returned). The next closest was the EZgear Powerstick, also powered by AA batteries, with 16 units sold. The others aren’t even worth mentioning. Another big seller was the PAC unilink adapter, with 19 of those sold via my iPod to Sony car stereo page.

I get a lot of revenue from people who buy stuff to go along with their battery packs or just because they land at Amazon from my page. I sold 26 books which are great because the commission on them is higher than for electronics. People bought some high-priced books, including a $200 book on surgery of the trachea, a $56 book on thoracic therapy, and a $56 book on borderline personality disorder. People also sometimes buy used books for a few dollars for which I receive nearly nothing. Most of the price of those items are for postage and I don’t get a commission for that. In other categories, I sold a Guitar Hero 2 video game for $90 and two iPods, one a 30 GB and one an 80 GB.

As mentioned earlier, by the end of June I had to turn off the money machine for a few months, so there won’t be a Q3 report.

Meanwhile my Google revenue has really dropped off. I am still getting traffic and ad clicks, but they aren’t as lucrative. This month’s revenue was less than $30 and is the lowest monthly total in over a year.

Still, I have saved up enough to buy a new iPod even after donating $360 in proceeds this year. Apple may release a new iPod in September that will be similar to the just-released iPhone. That would be nice since my old iPod was lost during the bathroom remodel and never found.

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  1. That is a very polite way of saying your iPod was stolen. I guess it really was. I’m very sorry about that, but glad you are recovering costs lost from Amazon.

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