I’ve been using Netscape and then Mozilla as my main web browser for a long time. I’ve never been crazy about Internet Explorer and, for a while at least, it seemed to have a lot of security problems. SeaMonkey.png Recently, Jeb added Snap Shots to his page. It seemed like a neat thing, so I added it to mine as well. But as I browsed I noticed that if I tried to go Back in my browser, I didn’t go anywhere. If I held down the Back button to see a history of pages, there would be about 3 copies of the current page in the Back history. So I took the code out of my pages rather than have to deal with that (although I have been getting a similar thing on My Yahoo when I would get information on a stock in my portfolio).

This morning Jeb put the Snap Shots code into my web pages anyway, I am sure not realizing I had already tried it and didn’t like the problems it was causing with my browser. I tried Internet Explorer and didn’t have this problem. So I thought maybe I should upgrade my browser. I had tried Mozilla’s Firefox a few years ago, but it caused some kind of problem, so I uninstalled it. Plus the Mozilla suite included an e-mail component that I use for my SpeedFactory mail, and Firefox was a browser only. For a while I think they stopped development of the Mozilla Suite, so I was stuck with my Mozilla Suite from 2005.

Nonetheless I visited Mozilla to see what they were offering these days. Their suite is now called SeaMonkey. I downloaded it this morning and the transition was pretty seamless, with my e-mail coming over along with bookmarks, cookies, etc. Really about the only difference seems to be I have a new icon in the upper right and pages take longer to render (I’m hoping that is just because my cache is refilling). Also when I write blog entries it underlines misspelled words. Or words it thinks are misspelled, like Jeb, uninstalled, and SpeedFactory. And the duplicates on Mac5 and My Yahoo are no longer there. Yay! (also misspelled)

2 thoughts on “SeaMonkey

  1. Did you consider using Firefox / Thunderbird combo for browsing and e-mail? I’ve enjoyed using FireFox because I think it gets more attention and development *and* it seems to stay updated the same across Mac and Windows.

  2. I tried those at one time and there was some kind of problem. I didn’t blog about it so I can’t remember what it was. I think it had something to do with Thunderbird, because I installed Firefox on Mom and Dad’s computer and I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t like the browser.

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