Bathroom: Day 9

These pictures show what happened on Days 9-12 actually. Thursday the electrician came and moved the outlet in my bathroom. Then the sheetrock guy came and put in the walls in the hall bath. Day 10 was Friday and not much happened (though that was the day the floor was put in the den, so really a whole lot happened).

Drywall Shower

Days 11 and 12 this weekend were for painting. Susan came over both days and painted the edges while I rolled the walls. Despite the sheetrock guy supposedly prepping the walls, then Stanley going over them again on Friday, I still had to do a lot of sanding and there were still rough spots that I missed. One gallon of blue vetch covered both bathrooms in two coats with some left over for touchup that needs to happen. I went to Porter Paints in Tucker which was nice because it wasn’t crowded at all and the guy was fairly helpful. I asked for a color between blue vetch (a little light) and tropic bird (too dark), but through much work he managed only to recreate blue vetch. It was easier doing the big bathroom since there was more room for the two of us to work and not as much to paint around since the sink and toilet aren’t in place yet. Jeb came by Sunday evening to see the progress and show us his new car.

Vanity Toilet

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