Bathroom: Day 8

This morning I took a shower in the master bathroom for the first time in several years. It seemed to work just fine. The trap in the vanity leaks a little bit. Other than that, the only new thing in there was they put the light fixture up over the mirror. I didn’t think it warranted a picture though.

In the hall bath they tiled above the tub and tiled the floor. I think it turned out great with the line at eye level and the bull nose along the edges, though it seems like the bull nose is a slightly different color. I’m not sure if it matters or not.

Anyway, it looks good. They should be able to grout tomorrow and maybe install the sink and toilet. Stanley says the electrician and drywall guys will come tomorrow and finish up their work.

In another room completely, Mom says Miguel may be able to start putting tile down in the back room this week. I’ve decided to use Susan’s terra cotta tile with a brown rectangle accent. So they might start tearing out the pink carpet tomorrow if I can get all of the furniture moved out of that room tonight. That will be the last project for a while.

Tub Floor

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