Bathroom: Day 14

The bathrooms are essentially done now. I still need to paint the trim and ceiling, put in towel bars, a mirror in the main bathroom, a shower curtain, etc. But the big stuff is done. Stanley installed the baseboards using pre-primed wood, so in these pictures they look good, but actually still need a final coat of paint. Also I swapped out the old ivory switches and outlets with white ones, which makes them match better. I like the color and the contrast between the white trim, blue walls, and dark brown floor. The hall sink is much higher than a normal sink which is kind of nice.

Tub Sink

With the wall color being the same, it might be kind of confusing in the pictures as to which bathroom is which, but the pictures above are the hall bath and the ones below are the master. Dad came over the night before going to Florida to see the work for himself. He asked Mom if she wanted to go over with him and she said “No way!” She did great to get all of this finished before Florida. She has a list of minor stuff that we might do when she gets back. Stanley couldn’t find vent registers the right size, so instead he sanded the old ones and repainted them. They look pretty much like new.

Shower Toilet

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