Bathroom: Day 6

Friday since Stanley was out of town and couldn’t work on getting the floor ready for the tilers, nothing happened. This weekend Carol was in town and I went with her and mom to pick some “beige” tile for the hall bathroom, along with an inset at eye level and bullnose along the edges. I’d have been just as happy with white, but everyone seems to think the main bathroom should look nicer than mine.

Stanley got back today and things got back in gear. In the master bathroom, the toilet, shower door, and shower fixtures were installed. The vanity was put in place but doesn’t have fixtures yet. That’s still pretty good because they were saying the shower door had to be custom made and wouldn’t be here until this Friday. Mom had bought a shower rod at Target on Friday so I could use it, but I didn’t open it so now I should be able to take it back.

The toilet seems to work fine. It’s a little anti-climatic given the raves this thing got. It doesn’t flush quite as powerfully or as quickly as I thought, but anything that seemed super powerful would also make a lot of noise. It does fill pretty quickly. Also, I had thought it had dual flush (where you can use 0.8 gallons instead of 1.6 gallons for flushing liquids), but apparently that’s not the case.

Also, after seeing the shower fixtures in place, I think I would have rather had cross handles instead of lever handles (not that it is easy finding them). I didn’t try the shower out. Stanley said I should wait until tomorrow morning so the silicone sealant would cure, but the shower floor was already kind of wet, so somebody tried it out. There is some dust and dirt in there that I wouldn’t want going down the drain, though at most times during construction the drains are jam-packed with debris.

New Toilet Shower

In the hall bath Stanley went to town on the floor and got most of it covered. He is able to use notched floor beams to frame into the joist (the joists are inverted T’s). But without an assistant today and a bigger bathroom to work on, he simply couldn’t finish it today. Hopefully tomorrow he will have all of the plywood down and the tiling can start on Wednesday. There is a chance they could start tiling tomorrow afternoon.

Sink New floor beams

In the meantime, Susan is staying at her mom’s another day, so I will be at her house again watching the dogs.

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