Bathroom: Day 1

This morning Stanley came by and started removing the plumbing from the bathroom. By the time I had left for work the toilet was out and lying on its side in the front yard next to the vanity. Later in the day he had the tile man come and they had the thankless task of removing the tile and flooring. The mud bed under the floor tile was up to 5 inches deep. To get that depth they had to build a false floor below the top of the floor joists. So the floor joists actually stick up into the mud bed some.

Vanity Toilet

They also discovered a lot of rotten wood around the shower walls:

Shower Drain

Back in the old days, medicine cabinets always had a slot in the back marked “razors”. When you were done with a razor blade you put it in the slot. They just drop into the wall behind the framing like this:

Razor Blades

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