Bathroom: Before

I thought I would post progress pictures of the bathroom remodel. I’m having the master bathroom done first because its shower is not usable. So once they get it working, they can start on the hall bathroom. This bathroom is very small, with a shower at one end, a vanity that I installed several years ago and a toilet. Before I moved in, the inspector noticed the shower pan was leaking so I had that replaced by the owner. Unfortunately they didn’t do a very good job and within a year or so I wasn’t able to use the shower because it was causing the plaster on the other side of the wall to peel and the new tiles around the bottom of the shower were coming loose.

Vanity Toilet

These pictures show the hall bath, but obviously, they really are not “before” pictures. The first picture shows the bathroom, but after the sink was taken out. The second picture was taken to show a hole in the wall, but is the only picture I have of the original sink.

Tub Sink

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