Amazon Q3 Results

I didn’t do as well as last quarter with Amazon, but still was able to earn $168.41 on sales of 148 items worth $3,825.51. August was a particularly bad month for sales and, for the first time, my Google AdSense revenue exceeded the Amazon commissions (AdSense has been doing really well lately with revenue of $40-$50 a month). So traffic was strong, there just weren’t that many people buying stuff. August probably isn’t a big sales month anyway, plus Apple hadn’t released anything new in a long time. But they did introduce some new iPods in September and sales started doing better.

The Belkin battery pack continues to be the best seller, with 58 sales of that one model (it continues to fluctuate in price between $20 when I make a lot of sales and $24 or $30 when sales drop way off). Second was the Griffin TuneJuice with 5, and the EZGear Powerstick and Maxell Battery Pack with 4 each. My iPod to Sony car stereo page has links to some products including some new adapters at reasonable prices. I sold several of those this quarter. The most expensive item was a Swiss watch. But someone bought 9 computer mice which added up to a lot too. The lowest priced item was a used book that sold for $0.50. I made three cents on that one. Some of the associates who sell a lot of books complain about that because those sellers are practically giving away the product and making their money on shipping, for which there is no commission. Amazon has started selling groceries and I registered a sale of a couple of cases of macaroni and cheese, along with a case of cookies.

Even though Apple introduced a new version of the 5G iPod, I will still hold off until January if necessary waiting for a widescreen video iPod. If they don’t introduce anything by then I might get a 5G anyway. Also, I am hoping Palm will release an upgraded wifi Palm in October, but if they don’t I will probably get the Palm TX and a 2GB SD card to put MP3’s on.

Of course, if you buy anything from Amazon, please follow one of my links, like this one:

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