Advertising Dilemma

I just checked my advertising stats and saw that I had gotten 21 ad clicks today. That’s a huge number of clicks, maybe the most ever. I checked further and found that 18 of them came from the DeJumbler page. I thought there must be a really good ad on that page, so I paid it a visit. Interestingly enough, there was an ad for Word Unscrambler web sites, or at least a site that would show you the “top eight” word unscramblers (the ad only seems to show up if you search for word unscramblers on Google and then follow Google’s search results to my page). Competitors! It’s like Honda advertising on Ford’s web site. I thought about writing and asking for this advertiser not to be listed on my web page.

Then I snapped out of my competition mentality and thought that, in terms of money anyway, I make nothing if they use my DeJumbler, but I do make money when people click on ads. So really the point of the web page is to get people to click ads, not unscramble words. Of course I would rather they use the DeJumbler, which is free, but it may not work for everyone (you have to have Word and you have to be able to enable macros).

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