100,000 Visitors

This week my web site got its 100,000th visitor of the year. In all of last year I only got 81,000 and 16,000 the year before. I think this internet thing might be catching on.

I also got my fourth payment from Google and made my first profit-sharing payment to CARE. They are a global aid group based in Atlanta. I set up a system that will pay them automatically each quarter a few days after I receive my Amazon payment. They will get roughly 30% of my combined proceeds from Amazon and Google which will still leave me with enough money for a new iPod early next year when they come out and a new Palm this Fall. Originally my idea was to do one of those deals where you sponsor a child, so essentially something non-tangible like the web site would be supporting a non-virtual child in the developing world somewhere. But at some point during my research into sponsorship organizations I decided CARE would be a better choice. Maybe I liked that they are based locally. I still think Save the Children is a great organization and may do something with them eventually.

4 thoughts on “100,000 Visitors

  1. I think CARE is a good one, too. I have notepaper from CARE that was given to me by Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Dad sponsors a child from Mexico monthly and that has a lot of rewards. He hears regularly from the boy and sends him pictures of our family, etc. His name is “Pedro”.

  2. I’m wondering why these 2006 post are surfacing? Are you still donating to CARE? I’m still sponsoring the boy Dad sponsored and guess I will until he graduates from high school. I think he’s about 16 now.

  3. I have no idea what that is about. Unfortunately the money coming in from AdSense and Amazon is now just a trickle, so I had to stop my quarterly donation to CARE. However back when the website had a decent cashflow, CARE got over $1,000.

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