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I thought Lost’s finale was 2 of the best hours of television I’ve ever seen. Every time a commercial would come on, I would just think “Man, I love this show!” I loved that Desmond was back and that it was his flashback (with Libby giving him the boat, so she finally got some backstory too). I loved Eko telling John “But I *am* going to push the button.” The moment when Michael confessed that he had murdered two lostaways was just incredibly powerful. Finding out that the plane crashed because Desmond didn’t push the button and that the guy he was in the hatch with was the special forces guy that trained Sayid? Awesome. Then NotHenry gets off the Others’ boat and is clearly the one in charge. Even though I saw it coming, it was chilling to see NotHenry again.

Still, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that Sayid’s “plan” to enter the village undetected consisted of sailing into sight of the village (they’re not going to notice a 50-foot high sail?), walking in, and kicking in doors. The only reason he was undetected was nobody was there to detect him.

And I didn’t like that Michael got away with the boat. When NotHenry says that they’re the good guys and they’ve used non-lethal force against their prisoners (who just killed one them) and honor their bargain, I feel like maybe these guys really aren’t so bad. Still, everything NotHenry has ever said has been a lie (he didn’t push the button, he couldn’t go back to the camp, his name is Henry, he came for Locke), so that certainly means they are very evil.

I don’t like that everyone is split up (the name of the episode is Live Together, Die Alone). Sayid, Sun, and Jin on the boat. Locke, Eko, and Desmond possibly dead in the blown up hatch. Sawyer, Jack, and Kate as prisoners of the Others. Hurley on his own crossing the island. Michael and Walt heading out to sea. Any of them could easily be wiped out and will probably have separate storylines for a while next season. Plus now you’ve got these guys in the Arctic who know about the magnetic disturbance, so we’ll be wondering about what they are doing even though we probably won’t see them again for a while.

I hope that they will announce Season 3 as the final season of Lost and wrap everything up. But I’ve really enjoyed this season, so I guess if they can keep it interesting, I will keep watching.

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  1. I’ve been following Lost ever since David and my Dad became fanatics. The show keeps escalating into higher levels of ridiculousness, but maybe that’s why it’s so entertaining. The finale was well done.

  2. I saw Michael on The View. He said he was told they didn’t write him into season 3. He is wondering if that will change because he didn’t go anywhere once he was on the boat. It cut while they were still standing there looking at everyone.

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