Lucky Lucky Charms

I was at Kroger last night buying some milk and walked through the cereal aisle to see if they had any good deals. For a while now they’ve had Cocoa Pebbles for $2.15 when just about any kind of cereal there is costs more than $3.00. I hadn’t had any of that in a while and I had some healthier cereals at home already so I picked up a box. Further down the aisle I saw that Lucky Charms were 2 for $4.00. But then I saw on the front that every box included a free iTunes purchase on the inside. That was like getting 2 boxes of cereal for $2.02! So I put the Cocoa Pebbles back.

Once I was at home, I tried to be very careful cutting the box without cutting the bag, but I wound up cutting the bag anyway. The box also said that 1 in 10 redemptions also would receive 5 extra free songs. Even with 2 boxes those were long odds. Tonight I entered the web address in Mozilla and it started a 3 megabyte download before I gave up and started Internet Explorer which instantly opened iTunes (I guess Mozilla was downloading iTunes, that would have been a wait at 50.6 kbps). Anyway, I entered the code and instantly received 6 free songs!

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  1. If you (or anyone else) buy any cereal with an iTunes code you can’t use, I think the most responsible thing would be to send the code to me in an email. However, it would also make a nice gift for anyone who has an iPod and buys songs from iTunes (like grands).

    I downloaded the six songs today. I had thought a little while ago that rather than buy some of Billy Joel’s older albums I would just get a few of the songs I liked. From Piano Man I bought the title song and “Travelin’ Prayer.” From the live album retrospective, Songs in the Attic (which I owned on vinyl), I bought “She’s Got a Way” and “Summer Highland Falls.” Then I bought the great iPod advertisement song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. I really wrestled over whether to get the original version with bad language or the cleaned up version. But I found the lyrics and didn’t find them all that offensive so I went with the original. Lastly I bought the song “Hindi Sad Diamonds” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, which for some reason I really like and decided it was time to own it legitimately (even though I already bought the DVD).

  2. Comment Number 500! Thanks, Carol!

    No cereal spilled because I didn’t go too far before I realized I was cutting the bag. I fixed it with some scotch tape, but that box of cereal is gone now anyway.

  3. For the next two boxes I decided I should get something healthier, but Lucky Charms were the only ones offering free songs, so I got two more and won one song each. The next time I went to the store Cheerios was also offering free songs. But those two also won only one song. I’m sitting tight for now with a 5-song credit.

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