Mute Your TV

I watch ABC news almost every night. The Winter Olympics are on NBC, so ABC can’t show video from that day’s Olympics, but they can show still pictures and they give updates every night on the news. Because of the time delay they can give results that haven’t been shown on NBC yet. They preface their Olympic updates by saying “If you don’t want to know what happens in tonight’s coverage, you should mute your television.” Then they proceed to show still pictures of jubilant skiers, skaters, etc. holding their gold medals or athletes wiped out on the snow or ice. I don’t think they’re really very serious about not giving away what happens on NBC’s broadcast.

4 thoughts on “Mute Your TV

  1. I always watch ABC news, too. I think it is the best station out there now. I’ve certainly enjoyed Dancing With the Stars, Commander in Chief, and Grey’s Anatomy (although it really is rauchy), and Boston Legal (it’s raunchy, too). If they could leave out the raunchy parts, I think they would get more viewers.

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