Mo Money

I didn’t think I was going to make it, but due to some big days at the end of November my Google AdSense revenue reached $100. That’s how much you have to earn before you get a check, though now they do direct deposit. Last time it took a year, but this summer I broke $20 during a few months and was able to reach the mark in five months. I have decided to save up to buy a new iPod. It could take another year or so, so maybe it will be something we can only imagine now. The ideal thing would be a PDA that includes a big hard drive and acts a MP3 player. I carry a PDA all the time anyway, so that way I would always have music with me. It wouldn’t have to be an Apple product actually.

The dejumbler continues to get the most traffic and the most revenue. The car stereo page and the battery pack pages for iPods do pretty well too though. The iPod pages definitely get more revenue for the number of views. I’m getting a total of 7,000-10,000 views per month and a fairly consistent number of monthly ad clicks of around 130, though some days I get nothing and others I might get 10.

I think it’s interesting that I could have made the same amount of money by buying one share of Google at $300 5 months ago.

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  1. Uncle Ted,

    It may very well be worth the one year wait for the i-pod. The new one is phenomenally different from mine which I got a year ago. All of them now come with a color screen, play videos (with really great resolution) and it is maybe half the thickness of mine. So in a year, maybe Apple will have perfected this new i-pod to PDA and cell phone capabilities, or something cool like that…

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