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Yesterday I was checking the web page statistics for my website and saw a bunch of referrals coming from Almost all of the hits on my web pages come from search engines with a few exceptions. This one showed up over and over again. I visited their website and found that is kind of like Slashdot where people submit links to websites or news stories they think are interesting. Then other people evaluate those articles and the ones that the most people approve (by clicking the ‘digg it’ button) are listed in their directory.

So it looked like someone had submitted my iPod battery pack page. I saw that 4 people were diggin’ that page and I had gotten about 50 hits. I remember when iLounge’s site came to a standstill when they posted a story by a guy who had taken apart and ruined a just-released iPod mini and someone had submitted a link to it to Slashdot. Would I have the same problem?

No, not really. The mini was brand new and it seemed amazing that anyone would willfully destroy something so hard to get. But most people aren’t interested in battery packs. I did get up to about 80 hits per hour from digg, before that submission slipped to Page 2, then Page 3, then Page 4. Originally posted at 7:00 PM, by 11:00 I had been pushed down to the fifth page and had still only garnered 9 diggs. By this afternoon, I had stopped getting hits from digg entirely. It did push visits to my site past 500 for the day and I got 4 ad clicks.

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  1. I checked just now and those 5 clicks were worth 78 cents, and all 5 clicks that day came from the Dejumbler page. So I got nothing. The revenue depends on getting a lot of visitors but also on how good the ads are. If the ads aren’t interesting then nobody will click on them and I make no money. I was making a dollar a day earlier this month, but now I have lousy ads and I haven’t made anything for two days. Still, I hope to get another $100 check (though now they have direct deposit) in January.

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