El Dejumbler

I have always suspected that if you installed MS Word with a different language that my DeJumbler would unscramble words in that language just as well as it does in English. But I never wanted to reinstall Word just to test it out. Maybe Kelly’s story got me thinking and I decided to see if I could change the language without reinstalling. Well, it isn’t too hard at all and the DeJumbler works fine in any language from Basque to Ukranian.

I added the following instructions to the DeJumbler page:

If you already are using a spelling dictionary in Word other than English, you don’t have to do anything. But if you want to unscramble words in other languages, you can change Word’s spelling dictionary by going to Start:Microsoft Office:Microsoft Office Tools:Microsoft 2003 Language Settings. At the bottom of that dialog box, choose the language you want (for example, Spanish). Then you will need to remove the English dictionary, so in the box on the right click on English and then click Remove (don’t worry, it is easy to undo this later). It will ask you about losing customizations and you will have to click “Continue and lose customizations”. Now open the DeJumbler (only after you make the change) and click the DeJumble button. If English is enabled and you enter “erupto” you get “pouter” and “troupe”. But if Spanish is the only dictionary enabled you get “puerto”, “purote”, “putero”, and “reputo”. Don’t forget to set the language back when you are done.

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