While watching Avondale’s excellent fireworks with Mom (down from 16 people) last night I saw some kids playing with sparklers. For years sparklers were the only fireworks you could buy legally in Georgia and we got to play with them when we were kids. But I got hurt worse and more often from sparklers than any kind of firework I can think of. Sparklers consist of a flaming hot wire spewing sparks that kids wave around while burning each others retinas out. Meanwhile with regular fireworks everyone knows the rules: light fuse and get away. What could be simpler than that?

2 thoughts on “Sparklers

  1. Sparklers are great fun! But, I read on CNN that last year, 700 people went to the emergency room due to sparkler injuries. Half of those were children under the age of 5 (now that says a lot about parents….) Whereas, twice as many entered the emergency room due to bottle rocket injuries. Apparently, sparklers can reach 1600 degrees farenheit.

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