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Last year I wrote a blog entry about connecting an iPod to my car stereo. Sony had come up with an ingenious system for the CD changer to talk to the stereo, but it was proprietary and made connecting 3rd party sources difficult. Some newer car stereos (like Aiwa) have an input jack right on the front so you can connect any source you want. Anyway, after using a cassette adapter for a while, I decided to spend my as yet unpaid Ad Sense money (I might get my first $100 check at the end of this month; stay tuned) on an adapter.

At first I just added some new information to that old blog entry. But then I decided it should be its own page. And it might as well have ads on it too. I posted it last week and then shortened the blog entry with a link to the web page (AW stats revealed that there were a decent number of people visiting that page). I got 3 or 4 hits a day referred by the blog until a couple of days after I submitted the page to Google. Today I was up to about 40 hits.

I also changed my Ad Sense settings to start tracking ad views and clicks by URL for each of the four pages I have with ads. I don’t have enough data to tell much, but I do know that one person has clicked the Sony page. And, today at least, I was getting more hits on the Sony page than on the battery pack pages. But the Dejumbler still rules them all.

I put a lot of links on the page, but now I want to add some pictures. If I’m going to get traffic, the page needs to look good at least.

2 thoughts on “New Web Page

  1. I’m up to $52 in adsense earnings. Taking much longer than I thought it would. As I am reading this posting I’m seeing an ad for “T.E.D. Airline”.

  2. I don’t have an IPOD, yet, but Eric bought that thing that fits on the top of his IPOD and we tune the radio to a certain station so we can listen to his IPOD in the car.

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