I got back from Colorado Sunday night. We spent two days in Denver and then two in Manitou Springs (Pike’s Peak) and the last three near Granby in the mountains. I had a reunion of the Peace Corps group I was in while in Thailand. There were 13 of the original group of about 40, but with kids and everyone else it came out to 28 people and two dogs. On the way back we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park on roads that still have been cleared of up to five feet of snow. I’ll start work on a web page pretty soon but I’m still going through the pictures. For now here’s a sampling.

Near Manitou Springs is a park called Garden of the Gods because of the large oddly shaped rock formations.


While we were staying near Granby at the cabins we took a hike to Lost Lake where we first came in contact with snow. That afternoon Susan and I went to Adams Falls near Grand Lake. Above the falls there was a very serene marsh:


The next picture was taken from Trail Ridge Road which is the highest paved road in the US. Eight miles of roadway are above elevation 11,000 feet (roughly the tree line).


Also saw some interesting wildlife like magpies, 13-striped ground squirrels, mountain goats, elk, a moose, and possibly an antelope.

4 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. 1. Frannie looks like Clyde’s sister. Who was Frannie?

    2. African dogs in Denver. That’s odd.

    3. The previous button on Manitou doesn’t. I was trying to get back to the first page. Going back to Main goes to your Speed home page but doesn’t have a link to this yet. I think the last page should have “Start” instead of where you left out Next.

  2. Frannie is Becky’s dog. She would chase sticks, but she also would try and pull tree trunks out of the lake. Marci’s dog, Jonesy, a golden, was there and she liked to roll in the snow.

    The wild dogs didn’t do much, but they had amazing colors.

    I fixed the navigation. I just put “Denver Manitou Granby” at the bottom of each page. There is a link from the main page but it says “Thai 92 Reunion” which you might not have realized from the pictures was what you were seeing. I did mark it with “NEW”

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