Griffin Technology, maker of the iTrip that Eric has, makes something called the AirClick, with one piece that connects to the top and receives signals from the other piece, a remote to control the iPod. That way you can hook up the iPod to the stereo and still skip songs and control volume from across the room. Also you can keep the iPod in your pocket or somewhere that isn’t that convenient to get to and then use the remote to control it. It uses radio signals instead of infra red to control it, so it doesn’t need a clear line of sight to work. The remote comes with a strap you can attach to your bike or steering wheel.

I decided to celebrate a raise I got at work by buying an AirClick. I ordered it on May 10 from Amazon (who estimated a 1-2 week wait) and it finally arrived today. It is tiny and works as advertised almost. Griffin says it works through walls but with only about a 10 foot range, you’d have a hard time getting a wall in the way in that space. I was hoping it would at least reach from my dining room table to the next room where the stereo is, but it doesn’t.

Still, it should work from the sofa to my other stereo if I want to read and listen to music. And I took it on a walk with the dogs today. I could leave the iPod in my pocket and then clip the remote to my watchband and skip songs, pause, or change the volume without reaching in my pockets for the iPod (and possibly dropping it or inadvertently pressing a button in doing so). Though the iPod came with a wired remote that added a couple of feet to the headphone cord, this is a much better solution: it’s like having a 20 GB iPod Shuffle in your hand.

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