The New Centurion

Hurray!!! This is my 100th blog entry! I have been posting since April 2003 when Jeb tricked me into writing my first blog entry by just taking an e-mail I had written to Kelly and putting it on my newly created blog. It was a month before I wrote another entry and again I think it was an e-mail I had sent to Jeb that he said I should turn into a blog entry (and may have done it for me again). Later on it became easier to write blog entries about things related to the dogs, the Estonians (surprisingly popular), and all my gadgets like the iPod (unsurprisingly unpopular). I do find myself going back to some old entries for information that I have stored there. The search tool is great.

Anyway, on this momentous occasion I would like to thank Blog Master Jeb for all his hard work in putting together blogs for everyone and keeping them lively. And it’s not like I write everything on my blog. The comments have really been enjoyable and are a major part of the whole thing, especially with the Estonian series. So thanks to everyone who posts comments and reads these things too.

Here’s a question: The blog shows all the months I have posted entries, but is there a way to make a page (maybe a separate page) that lists all of the entries and links to them? That way I could use AvantGo to download my whole blog to my Palm.

Lastly, I really like the new Christmas colors!

3 thoughts on “The New Centurion

  1. So now that you have the All Entries view, you say you can somehow get all of your entries (content and all) on your Palm? How does that work? I’ll add the extra line of “back to ” code to the bottom of the sample template. Good idea.

  2. I haven’t tried it yet and it might take too much memory, but with AvantGo you can create your own Personal Channel. Essentially you just give it a web address and it will download the page onto the Palm. But you can also have it follow all the links by setting a link depth of 1 (0 would be just the page itself, 1 follows all the links, 2 follows all the links on the linked pages, 3 is very dangerous). You also set a maximum size for the channel so that you don’t try to download Yahoo onto your Palm.

    I did this for a while with work’s list of consultants prequalified to work with DOT. Then I had addresses and phone numbers of all the consultants as well as the areas of work they were allowed to work in. But I didn’t use this so I stopped downloading it.

    Well, I went ahead and did it. I gave it 400k which is a lot and it seems to have gotten about 80% of the entries. It took a while to get them but they are there except for graphics which I opted not to download.

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