U2’s iPod Song

Apple has a new iPod song featuring U2 doing the song “Vertigo” from their album to be released this week. They said there was no way they could do a $20 million ad campaign promoting their album, but Apple didn’t mind so much apparently.

They performed the song on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. I always record it so I can watch the show later and skip the lame sketches. Both of their songs were good. “Vertigo” is noisy but somehow catchy (maybe because of the iPod commercials?). But then at the end instead of having the cast wave goodbye U2 got up and performed a third song, going back to their US debut album for “I Will Follow”. It was fantastic. I’ve really been disappointed in U2 since at least Achtung Baby, but they really redeemed themselves. It was a great performance and when they were done Bono said “One more . . .” and some music started before the show just ended. I checked some blogs and discussion groups and people were just raving about it. According to one person who says she was there they actually did a couple of more songs but NBC didn’t continue the feed. The SNL cast members were on the adjacent stage just ecstatic and wiping away tears from the energy. What a contrast to see seasoned superstars like U2 performing after the lip synch debacle of talentless pop stars in previous weeks. It was one of the best musical moments of TV history. It amazes me that SNL can continue to be so lackluster for the most part but still so relevant. I watched it again when I got home from work today. It was almost like all the posing and antics of recent U2 albums were done intentionally to set themselves up as the real thing again.

5 thoughts on “U2’s iPod Song

  1. Can you dub it to VHS (or DVD) and bring over to Mom & Dad’s for Thanksgiving? I’m sure Kathy, Nicole, Danny, Jami, and Grant would like to see it. Mom will agree it is cool. Dad will mutter something like… “I see four of them. Why isn’t it U4?”

  2. I can’t put it on DVD, but I can put it on tape and bring it over. Now I’ve overhyped it and you’ll think it isn’t that great. So I have to get your expectations down: it was terrible. I don’t think U2 will ever make it. Their lead singer just yells too much.

  3. I’m glad you posted about this. I had no idea they were playing on Saturday night or I would have recorded it, as well. I just found all three song performances here: http://www.u2exit.com/20041120/

    I wrote an entire novel listening to their last album. I keep wondering if I’ll get the writing bug again after I pick up their new CD today.

    Thanks again, Ted.

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