AdSense Starts Making Cents

The battery on my cordless phone hasn’t been lasting very long lately, so it is time for new one. I knew Best Buy had them but for some reason I looked around on the internet and found They sell the battery I need for $5 less than Best Buy ($9 vs $14) and there is free shipping. As I was registering with them and placing the order they asked where I had heard about them. Then I remembered that I think they were one of the AdSense advertisers on my iPod battery pack page. So I thought I should click through from there and get the battery. I’m glad I did because the advertisement had a code that gave me 10% off my purchase!

Geeky stuff: I wound up upgrading to the NiMH battery instead of the standard NiCad battery after seeing that it offered 1500 milliamp-hours instead of 700 for the NiCad, has no memory effect, and is better for the environment. However it cost me $17 instead of $9. I found a website that said it wouldn’t be a problem substituting NiMH and in fact it was recommended.

BTW: Last month my AdSense account racked up $3.42. My all-time revenue is $15.89. Not bad for nothing. See first entry.

3 thoughts on “AdSense Starts Making Cents

  1. I’m up to $25, but I think Kelly and I are the only people who do click-thrus. I’m going to scan in the check. Hope it has a color Google logo on it. I’m going to look at putting ad sense inside the template for each blog article. That’s what Scot Hacker does, and in that way the ad is guided by the contents of a single post.

  2. was very impressive. I ordered the battery on Thursday and got it today (Saturday). I’m charging the battery now, but I don’t expect any trouble since it is an Energizer.

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