Gas Prices

I was poking around looking for information about smog-reducing gasoline (which Atlanta has to start using in 2005) and found this staggering statistic from the govment about why gas prices have risen:

>>Fuel demand continues to increase. The fuel economy of US fleet is the lowest in 20 years and Americans continue to travel more. Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) is up. Over the past twenty years onroad VMT has increased by 114% while population has only grown by 27%.<<

Once again, look no further than the end of your finger when blaming those who have made the gas prices rise. Not only are americans driving many more miles than they used to, they are using less efficient vehicles to do it in. While it seems fair that we are getting the higher prices we deserve, we're also raising prices for the rest of the world because of our waste and selfishness.

2 thoughts on “Gas Prices

  1. I think a plane uses about twice as much fuel per person per mile as a car (later on found another source that said a plane uses 2/3 the fuel of a car; but if you have two people in the car then the car is more efficient). So if we’re driving to displace flying then we should have less demand for fuel.

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