When I’m filling in album names and song titles I would get kind of confused on what words you capitalize and which you don’t. I found some tips on the internet somewhere that were very helpful:

Don’t capitalize:

a an the (articles)

at by for in of on to* up (prepositions)

as but if or nor (conjunctions)

except if it is first or last word

except in parallel with words that are capitalized: Homes In and Near Ohio

*do capitalize in infinitives: One Life To Live

3 thoughts on “Capitalization

  1. Hmm ya wouldn’t it be nice if all those rules were automated, applied with a single click? Thats what I want the “Correct Case of Tags” tool in Mp3 Tag Tools Build 008 to do, u can already do some of the stuff by configuring the correct case options in the prog. If you do have a complete list of those rules please do post it at the project page

    Should be a killer feature if I can implement it…John G.

  2. MP3 Tag Tools is awesome. I used it to fix up a bunch of tags so they would sort better on my iPod. The ability to take information from the file name and put it into the tags and vice versa proved to be vital.

    Those are the most complete rules I could find. It does get very complicated with some artists using odd capitilization (or none) plus non-standard words and so on. Just figuring out when to capitalize “to” means the software would have to figure out if it was a preposition or infinitive and I bet 90% of people can’t do that.

  3. ya “to” can be tricky, well here’s a list of words I have added to my “always keep these words lowercase” in the correct case options in the prog: a,an,the,at,by,for,in,of,on,to,in,up,as,but,if,for,nor,and,aka,vs,feat

    I then use Ctrl+T (shortcut for Correct case of tags) to capitalize the tags. In this way “the” will not be capitalized when its the first word. The tip is use the above Ctrl+T instead of Clean filenames when they are in the ,artist – title format. Then rename using that tag format. (Clean filenames has a bug by which “the” will not be capitalized if its the first word, should sort it out in the next release). Glad u like MTT…John.

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