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Yeah, it’s not going to Jamaica or anything, but I still like to help people. So on ipodlounge a guy posted a question:

>>I know that this has been covered numerous times, but I have yet to see a post about the Tivoli radio. I would like to play my iPod thru my Tivoli radio, it has a 1/8 (mini plug) hole in the back labeled MIX IN. would I need a line with a 1/8 jack on both ends’

Thanx for the help.<>Yes<>Thanx for the help, I’m sorry I forgot to mention I have the Tivoli RadioCombo, nontheless, I bought a line at Radio Shack with an 1/8 jack on both ends for $4.99 and am enjoying the iPod thru the Tivoli as we speak.Thanx again and what a great place come for questions.<<

2 thoughts on “Helping people

  1. On the Tivoli 2, there is an AUX IN and a MIX IN. I use AUX IN. I figured MIX IN is for combining two sources, but I”m not sure what you combine with… FM radio? AUX IN?

  2. I think the MIX IN combines with radio. The only reason I can think to use it is if you have the Tivoli as your computer speakers you could play the radio and then still have the beeps or whatever come from the computer. I guess if you had both jacks on back you could feed in CD/MP3 sound *and* your computer input and mix those.

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