Where’s George?

I think maybe Jeb told me about the whole concept of Where’s George. Where’s George is a web site where you can register the serial number and year of dollar bills you have. Then you write “www.wheresgeorge.com” on the bill and hope someone knows what to do it with it when they come across one.

Well, I got one in change yesterday at Waffle House (Susan and I like to go to a special restaurant on Friday nights) and told Susan about it. So we came home and logged on. We were the first person to report back on this dollar. It had come from Florida a couple of months earlier.

Neat concept. Keep your eye out. It’s like doing GPS Travel Bugs but you don’t have to leave the house!

One thought on “Where’s George?

  1. re: “but you don’t have to leave the house!”

    In the sense that the Waffle House is a house, I guess that is true. You certainly don’t need an expensive Geiger Counter.

    If you play Where’s Benjamin you get to network with richer people. Some are crooks, though.

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