Penny is the name I chose for the dog I found in Avondale. She looks like a small version of Katie. Lots of energy and likes to chew things up. Anyway I didn’t find her owners so I’m assuming she was abandoned. Then I tried finding her a new home and couldn’t find anyone (Jeb). A couple of people were interested but they backed out or didn’t meet my high standards (they wanted her to be an “outside dog” which I don’t believe in; this dog loves people).

So I decided to take her to Dekalb Humane Society because they wouldn’t kill her and I think she would be adopted pretty quickly. But they didn’t have room and I was put on a wait list. So I took her to the vet where she got a clean bill of health and scheduled her to be spayed. Then one day a couple saw Penny and asked if that was the stray. I said yes and one of them said they had a brother who was looking. He and his wife came by Sunday and they are going to take her on Saturday which will give her a few days to recover from her surgery tomorrow. Unless she lives up to her name and “turns up” again, I think she’s finally found a home!

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  1. The web page was crucial. It gave some place people could look at pictures (taken when Jeb came over). The people I met who knew Penny was a stray gave me their e-mail address and I e-mailed them the link which they forwarded to people who came by. The picture of Claire with Penny was a particularly good marketing gimmick since it gave the impression that Penny was good with children, when in fact Claire is just good with dogs!

    I dropped her off at the vet this morning and won’t get her back until tomorrow. She won’t be happy when she wakes up and Katie isn’t around.

  2. Penny’s new parents picked her up today at about noon. They are a nice young married couple looking for their first dog now that they’ve moved into a house with a yard. They were taking her straight to Petsmart to start obedience training. And they also changed her name to Lucy. She’ll be living the good life in Sandy Springs now. They invited Susan and me over for dinner some time so we can visit and I plan on taking them up on it to see how Lucy is doing.

  3. I’m glad you put the closing to Penny’s story on the blog. Wondering if you would post it as a comment or a blog entry, I went looking for the comments and found this. I think the rule of thumb on comments vs. blogs is to lean towards blogs. Even some of your long comments posted on mine should have been blogs on yours that include a link back to my permalink. (Or a track back… which is a trickier thing.)

    Lucky Lucy!

  4. Yeah, things get kind of hidden as comments. Is there some kind of outline view in Movable Type like they have on discussion groups so that you can see a tree of the comment and responses? That might be helpful. I know you can categorize blog entries so that I could have had several blog entries under the category “Pets” or even “Penny”.

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