This is a response to an article in the Saturday August 23 2003 edition of the AJC by syndicated columnist Randy Cohen of the New York Times who writes a column called “Everyday Ethics”. (Read the article)

I read your article with interest answering a person’s question about whether they should visit the Galapagos Islands or not. You should have done more research into the Galapagos before giving a generic answer like the one you gave.

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I thought I’d try Netflix for a couple of months and catch up on watching movies and then cancel. So far I’m impressed: I joined Sunday and got two movies in the mail on Tuesday. I sent one back Wednesday and got the next on Friday. I did the free trial a while back and they were shipping everything from California. Now they have a center in Duluth (but I couldn’t get another free trial).

It’s $20 a month to have 3 movies out a time which probably means you could watch a movie every other day if you watch them the day you get them and mail them back the next. They pay the postage both ways. They have options where you can pay more and have more movies out or pay less and have 2 movies out a time (but that plan is limited to 4 movies per month).

You keep a backlog of things you want and whenever they get a movie back from you they send the next on the list. So you don’t have to keep going back to the website to pick movies. They just come automatically as long as you have movies in your queue.

It’s a very neat idea and seems like it should be very efficient using bar codes and automatically generating e-mails.

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