I was talking with a guy at work who had just refinanced after buying a house a year ago. The rate he got was only 1% less than his previous but the lender paid all the closing costs. I said I was happy with my 6% rate, but he pointed out that it costs nothing to save $100 a month. Would you turn someone down who wanted to give you $100 a month.

So I’m refinancing. It will cost me nothing and my payment would be less. My broker even said that if I was worried about stretching the payoff date out 15 years again that I could just pay the 13-year amount every month and still be paying less than now and pay it off the same month in 2016.

Human beings

Saw an interesting thing Friday as I was leaving work. I walked from my office to the state office buildings (twin towers, aka Sloppy Floyd Building) which takes me right through the smokers’ hangout. I see a couple of people (white but leathery tan) and they’re opening up the smoker station ashtrays mounted to the columns of the walkway. The woman looked up at me and looked kind of guilty so I wondered if they were up to something but it looked like they were just looking for cigarette butts. Once I was in the building I asked the security guard if they were getting cigarette butts. He said Yes, they do it every day.