Katie & Pluto?

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Pluto may be declared to no longer be a planet. Doesn't seem fair, but in this article it says that Xena is bigger that Pluto, so that isn't fair either.

So the name may become available, and Katie's new brother could be called Pluto.



UT said:

I predict Pluto will lose planet status. I think Pluto, Xena, and others should be called planetoids. That way it would kind of be like Pluto was still a planet. They are finding new Kuiper Belt objects all the time, so there are probably going to be more objects found that are larger than Pluto. Boortz complained today that a conference of 3,000 astronomers was being held in Prague just to discuss this issue. It's an annual conference and this is just one item on the agenda, but Boortz would rather phrase it as how many astronomers does it take to determine whether Pluto is a planet.

Dad said:

Ted I don't think you should name Austin, "Pluto". That all ways bring up a vision of Mickey Mouse's dog with a string for a tail. After seeing him last night I think he is a fine dog and should be named, "Back".

Dad again said:

I misspelled "Black". That's a good name not Back.

UT said:

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