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We had a charge on our USAA Visa that read:


Neither of us could figure out what it was. There was no merchant phone number. The merchant category was: Fast Food Restaurants (QPS). The transaction was dated Friday, but we had not been to any fast food places.

I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure it out. Google suggested some bar-b-q places in Atlanta.

So I put it in dispute. The mechanism for dispute is pretty limited. I could not just ask for a merchant phone number or full merchant name, but I figured the dispute would get me that.

The next day I figured it out:

Atlanta Braves Baseball Club.

We had been to the Braves game the night before (Thursday.) Our tickets included some food allowance, which created some confusion, and we’re guessing that was one of the food counters. I contacted USAA to cancel the dispute. The stadium should consider reworking the merchant ID that transactions display the word “Braves”. May save some dispute work.

The new stadium at SunTrust park was impressive. The weather was great. The food was ok, but very pricey. Unfortunately the Braves lost.

Go Atlanta BB-Club!

Must be useful. Mostly Googlers finding this post:

Searches for ATLANTA BB CLUB

Searches for ATLANTA BB CLUB

Watchyer Cahdagsay?

I had just exited I-20 heading for Tucker. It was a warm, sunny day, and I had the windows of the VW Rabbit down. I stopped at the red light ready to take a left, when a pickup pulled up on my right.

“Hey!” the grizzled, weathered man yelled over to me.

“Hey!” I yelled back.

“Watchyer Gahdagsay?” he yelled in a thick suthern accent.


“Watchyer Gahdagsay?”

I cupped my hand to my ear. “Sorry! Can’t hear you,” I said, even though I could. I didn’t want to say, “I can’t understand you.”

He then cocked his thumb, gesturing to the back of my car. “Watch Yer Gah Dag Say?”

“Oh! What’s my car tag say!” I yelled back. “It says CARTOONS.”



“CAR TOONS? Oh, I thought it said CAR ZOOMS!” He took his right laughing.

(This car tag was Carol’s idea.)


Radio Fence Mend @ Kathy’s Garden – Twisted Pair Nicked

Mended a cut with two orange twist nuts, white grease, and electrical tape along the twisted wires going along the front of Kathy’s garden about 1 foot from house-side corner. Reburied twisted wire along border. It looks like a mower blade had nicked the twist there and it had rusted over time and finally started to give way.

Both wires in the twist had been nicked, probably by lawn mower blade, rusted, and started to short.

Both wires in the twist had been nicked, probably by lawn mower blade, rusted, and started to short.

Radio Fence Patch 2014-03-30

After replacing the entire front bend (driveway to Kathy’s garden) in September, Mr. Pink’s riding mower cut the line. He was scalping the yard for Spring, and the blade went subterranean.

These shots are for location reference. I filled the orange twist nuts with white grease and taped over them with electrical tape prior to burial.

radio-fence-patch-2014-03-30-IMG_1348 radio-fence-patch-2014-03-30-IMG_1349

Bumblebee Nest in Squirrel Nest

Working in the yard, I got a ladder out to remove an old squirrel nest from high up in a our backyard hedge. As I went to pull it out, I noticed two bumblebees land on the nest and climb inside.

I pulled the squirrel nest to the ground and opened it up to see what was inside. I found an orange, waxy mass that turned out to be bumblebee larvae. There was one bee “working” on them.


Meanwhile about five or six bumblebees were flying around the hedge looking for the nest. I put the nest on a lower bush. A few hours later, Kelly and I went to see that the bees had found the nest and were cleaning and feeding the larvae. By evening, the bees had covered up the larvae by moving nesting material around. I’ve never seen a bumble bee nest before.

Greg Evolves

I just got an email from Greg with the ominous subject:

“It’s happening.”

And then inside the email he said, “I just walked into Lily’s room and saw this.”


After having four boys, Greg’s fifth was a girl. And after the original post almost seven years ago, Greg is evolving as a father! Little girls will do that for you.

11 New Kobalt Blue Pliers

I recently moved all of my general purpose hand tools from a tupperware type toolbox to a satchel. I already like the satchel better. Pockets on the inside and out allow for an even distribution of tools, and the outer pockets are great for the most common use tools.

Pliers and screwdrivers are the most commonly used in our house, and my tools don’t always get put back, even though the other tool-owner in the house has her own set. Somehow my needle nose and wire snips have disappeared, and I have been reduced to some very ancient worn out versions. Also, my good pliers given to me by Grandpa Tom way back, have about had it, after serving a couple of well used decades.

So for Christmas, I arranged for everyone in the family to have a present under the tree *TO* me *FROM* each of them. It was a surprise. They didn’t know they were, collectively, giving me 11 new pliers including some mini-pliers I have sorely needed for electronic work. They have blue handles, so they will stand out as “Dad’s” and should not be leaving my tool satchel.

Thanks family! Now stay away from my tools!!!!

Lowe’s Kobal 5-piece pliers set #253677:


Lowe’s Kobal 6-piece mini pliers set #0253678:


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