Mr. Picasso Head (5)

Kelly sent me this picture that she created with the Mr. Picasso Head website. I have no idea. Thank you Kelly.


Then mom sent me this one. It’s catching…


And then this one came in from Miss Bear:


Susan’s contribution to what is obviously becoming a cultural phenomenon. This could change what we see coming out of Paris next spring… even affect the 2008 elections….


From the curator’s private collection.


Scott Trapped in Dilbert (6)

I drew myself into Simon occasionally. Once it was to beg for a job. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, made an appearance on Monday. Now he’s stuck. I’ll keep adding to this series here. For those of you using RSS (I use you can subscribe to Dilbert:







The Music of The Passion

I heard an interview with Andy Trudeau explaining why he thinks John Debney deserves the Oscar for the musical score of The Passion of the Christ. It is fascinating to listen how complex the music is and how much influence Mel Gibson had on the music. For example, Gibson thought that the most painful scenes visually should have the most beautiful music.

Listen to this with headphones or a computer with good speakers.

NPR : Listening to the Movies: ‘The Passion of the Christ’

Simon Test

Many years ago, Nicole kindly scanned almost all of my Simon cartoon strips. That captured the images digitally, but I’ve been waiting for the right technology to manage the comments I want to build around them and view them over the web. I think iPhoto and its ability to export to web pages may be the way to go.

Does this test of one week’s worth of Simon’s work as a way to read them? There is a bonus Saturday issue in this series.

iTunes Party Shuffle

iTunes has always had a shuffle option that will randomly play songs from your song library, playlist, or CD. With version 4.5, there is an improvement on this concept with “Party Shuffle.” This special list creates a dynamic playlist. It will show the last X songs played and the next Y songs coming up. It optionally gives weight to highly rated songs. This is not that different from shuffle (which is still there) except I’ve found it very useful to go back and see what just played or what is coming up.

In this snapshot, the entire album Dark Side of the Moon (46 minutes) entered the shuffle because I imported that as a continuous song (no tracks.)


Now playing: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

Unlocking iTunes Songs

This article tells how to unlock iTunes songs so that they can be played anywhere by the person who bought the tune (your personal information stays embedded in the tune):

How to play purchased music on other systems – Engadget –

The instructions are based on using a utility called HYMM (Hear Your Music Anywhere…. which looks like HYMA to me.)

UPDATE Jan 3, 2008: iTunes gets updated so often, Hymm has not been able to keep up, and no longer works with newer versions of iTunes.

An alternative is to “burn” your iTunes songs to a virtual CD (so you don’t have to waste a real CD) and then reimport them. Here is an article on that approach:

How to Unlock iTunes Songs Without Burning a CD