Report from Dauphin Island

Kathy, Kelly, Claire, and I visited Danny at Spring Hill for Family Weekend 2005. It was held this Spring instead of last Fall because of Katrina. We arrived late Thursday evening. Danny had a paper to write, and then had classes all the next morning, so we left him alone. The four of us decided to go find a beach Friday morning, and we followed signs to Dauphin Island.

This barrier island guards the west side of Mobile Bay. There is a fort and sea lab on the east end, a village and golf course in the middle, and then a long stretch of stilt houses on the west end. We drove as far as we could on the west, but the roads were partially washed away from Katrina, so we decided to just stop there and visit the beach and ocean.

Several of the stilt houses were damaged, and many were being repaired. It became apparent that houses nearest the beach were simply gone, with nothing more than a pylon or two and a recently capped sewer line indicating the sand was someone’s property. There were no lawns, bushes, or landscaping to be seen. Katrina’s storm surge had washed away everything and left six inches to a foot of sand covering driveways, patios, carports, and side roads. Upon closer inspection you could find entire carports and side roads broken like peanut brittle under the sand.

The center of the island seemed to have been spared because the village and woods are shielded by a giant sand dune. Several people were playing golf.

We decided that with the village, bike paths, golf, fort, sea lab, and beaches, this might be a good place for a vacation. It is 35 minutes from Mobile, allowing for a quick trip into town, much like going into Savannah from Tybee.

Six Characters in Search of an Author

Source: ND Theatre Archives

Play Title: Six Characters in Search of an Author

Author: Luigi Pirandello

Dates Performed: October 30, 31, 1981

Sponsoring/Producing Organization: ND/SMC Theatre

Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Director: Beatrice J. Bosco

Cast List

The Father: James R. Dunlap, Jr.

The Mother: Colleen Quinn

The Son: David M. Barber

The Daughter: Betsy Quinn

The Boy: David Vacca

The Girl: Teran Link

Madame Pace: Bridget Dolan

Director: Greg D’Alessandro

Stage Manager: Randy Kelly

Asst. Stage Manager: Anne Slowey

Property Man: Robin Bottei

Stage Hand: Eddie Moreno

Doorman: Kris Allen

Leading Man: Jeb Cashin

Leading Lady: Therese Brown

Character Lady: Theresa Dipasquale

Juvenile Lead: Chris Patnaude

Actor: John C. Clay

Actor: Suzanne C. Dunlap

Actor: Kathleen Reddington

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Bottum

Light Crew: Annie Patterson

Running Crew: Jeff Mousseau

House Manager: Angela Wing


Source(s) Original program courtesy of Frederic Syburg.

The Country Wife

source: ND Theatre Archives

Play Title: The Country Wife

A Restoration Comedy

Author: William Wycherley

Dates Performed: February 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 1981

Sponsoring/Producing Organization: ND/SMC Theatre

Venue: O’Laughlin Aud.

Artistic Staff

Guest Directed by: Frank Canino

Set and Light Design: Thomas Leff

Costume Design: Diana Hawfield:

Cast List

Harry Horner: John Davenport

Prue: Kathleen Maccio

Mother Bennett: Carol Losi

Sir Jasper Fidget: Raul Aportela

Lady Fidget: Susan Gosdick

Miss Dainty Fidget: Heather Fraser

Frank Harcourt: Joe Dolan

Dorilant: Jeb Cashin

Sparkish: Rick Lechowich

Mr. Pinchwife: Jack Connolly

Lucy: Regina Pratt

Alithea: Eileen Durkin

Margery: Rachael Patterson

Lady Squeamish: Colette St. Hilaire

Parson: David Barber:

Londoners: Amy Kerwin, Kristine Allen, Tina Widerquist, Becky Bringman

David Barber, William Patt, Mary Feider

Harpsichordist: Darlene Catello

Production Staff

Technical Director: Thomas Leff

Stage Manager: Bea Bosco

Asst. Director: Jeff Mousseau

Assistant Stage Manager: David Barber

Asst. Assistant Director: Amy Kerwin

Technical Assistants: Ellen Hackl, Greg Hartman, Mary Francell, Kathleen Maccio, Mickey McGowan

Rachael Patterson, Colleen Quinn, Maureen Ulicny, Brian Wolfe

Stage Crew: Elizabeth Bottum, Cassie Boehler, Kelly Cambron, Paul Clay, Mary Feider

Eileen McCullough, Theresa McGinn, Ed Moreno, Betsy Quinn, Kelly Quinn

Jennifer Worthy

Costumes: Anne Letcher, Laura Caffrey, Kathleen King, Catherine Mahoney, Regina Pratt

Tim Grothaus, Lucy Burns

Wardrobe: Bernadette Ryan

Makeup Coordination: Belinda Goins

Hairstyle and Wigs: Kathleen Leonard

Poster Design: Lewis Glaser

House Manager: Aggie Roberts

Box Office: Mary Borchers, Sheila Kelly

Publicity: Adriana Trigiani, Anne Slowey, Annie Patterson


Source(s) Original program courtesy of Frederic Syburg