The Brainman

This summary by Scot is worth a read. Because Daniel Tammet is a normal man whose talents came as the result of a seizure, he is able to describe his condition. He can do amazing math (by visualizing it) and learn languages fluently in a week (by “getting” their form.)

Two extra videos from the show:

Numbers in different sizes.

Messed up PI.

Stories like this are like peekng behind a wonderful curtain.

The Span of War

This is an audio series from NPR. The first part is found at the top of this page: The Span of War

I was amazed as Sgt. Brad Kasal described how he sustained his injuries all the way up to the point where a hand grenade rolled near him. “How did he survive?” I wondered. (The reporter explains that at the end.)

Nose Fairy

Claire, then Kathy, then Kelly, now I have all picked up bad colds. This Dilbert asks and answers a question I had never considered.


(I do know about the pee fairy.)