Lotus Notes Mail Archiving

Trying to set up a policy that will archive e-mail older than 365 days on the server. It wasn’t obvious in the instructions what triggered the archive process. Finally realized it is the “-a” option for the “compact” command. This was set up in program document and scheduled to run Sat, Wed at 4:00 a.m. I also found I had to manually archive a couple of documents for the archive database to be created.

Spent a lot of time on a policy document, but in the end, I don’t think that is being used at all because it is not being pushed into the client database. (Using a custom template.) So it is the client archive settings that enable the compact -a command to work on a given database.

The “mail” in this line means only look into the mail directory. The -b means to

Load compact mail -a -b


Merlin Back Bigger Than Ever

Merlin IBM Nefinity 5000Merlin is a Domino server running at StudioPlex that routes e-mail and hosts a few website. It has been plagued with hardware and virus problems. Over the holidays I rebuilt it. Merlin is now on an IBM Netfinity 5000 full-height rack mount, and it is the biggest tank of a computer I’ve had to pick up.

In the attached photo, the Netfinity is propped up sideways on my workbench. That’s an Apple flat panel display on top. The CD drive is tray loaded, so that’s why it is standing on its side. There are dual power supplies and cooling systems. (Danny noticed it is really noisy.) There are four hot-swappable hard disks. Ted was impressed this is a vintage 1999 machine. Merlin should be worth years more of service.

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Lotus R6 Upgrade Path

IBM Redbook:

Section 4.3

Recommended upgrade path

1. Upgrade the Administration server and Administrator clients.

2. Upgrade the Domino Directory.

3. Upgrade Hub servers.

4. Upgrade Mail servers.

5. Upgrade Application severs.

6. Upgrade Notes clients.

7. Upgrade applications and databases.

8. Upgrade to the new ODS.

9. Steady state (performance tuning and optimizing your environment).

10. Utilization of new features.

I answered “no” to the update directory to R6 question when R6 server first started (should have answered yes.) So I followed the manual instructions (which can be done before upgrading server… but I did it after). With server down, I replaced the design with the new pubnames.ntf. Still down, used this DOS command:

>\data directory\nupdall -R names.nsf (for win32 platform)

Only the manual is wrong… should say \app directory\nupdall…

d:\lotus\domino\nupdall -R names.

12/13/2003 03:03:13 PM Index update process started

12/13/2003 03:03:13 PM Updating views in e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\names.nsf

Section 7.4.1 on mail upgrade:

tell router quit (disable mail routing while files upgrade)

load convert -u mail\bjones StdR50mail mail6.ntf

where the -u switch upgrades folders

Relay Test (for spam)

Domino R5 installs with a default open relay for SMTP. (A spammer’s dream come true.) R6 installs closed.

Rebuilding Merlin in R5 added a secondary, open mail config doc in addition to the existing closed mail config doc. The spammers found it within a few days.

Sorry about that George!

Mail relay testing

(We’re closed now.)

No Documents Found

After reviewing all posts here, I found this method preferrable for my application, because I needed to provide a different message other than No Documents Found. Thanks to Fernando Matias Valadao who posted this on http://searchdomino.techtarget.com.

I’ve made one technical correction. Step 2 needs to be in the On Load and not the JS Header.

1) In the “HTML Head Content” of your form or page, add this code: “&lt style&gt H2 {display:none;} &lt/style&gt”

This momentarily hides any H2 text, including the No Documents Found message.

2) Add this code to the “On Load” event of your form or page. It searches all H2 text and replaces the No Document Found text. It then displays all H2 text.

var noDocumentsFound = document.body.all.tags(“H2”);

var tagH2, textH2;

for (var i = 0; i < noDocumentsFound.length; i++){

tagH2 = noDocumentsFound[i];

textH2 = tagH2.innerText;

if (textH2.toLowerCase() == "no documents found"){

tagH2.innerHTML = '
Nothing found. Please search again.‘;


tagH2.style.display = “block”;


Show Status Mail

> sh st mail

Mail.CurrentByteDeliveryRate = 0

Mail.CurrentByteTransferRate = 0

Mail.CurrentMessageDeliveryRate = 0

Mail.CurrentMessageTransferRate = 0

Mail.DBCacheEntries = 0

Mail.DBCacheHits = 0

Mail.DBCacheReads = 0

MAIL.Dead = 750

Mail.Domain = YOURDOMAIN

MAIL.Hold = 0

Mail.TotalKBTransferred = 18

Mail.TotalKBTransferred.NRPC = 17

Mail.TotalKBTransferred.SMTP = 1

Mail.TotalPending = 1279 <——– something is stuck

Mail.TotalRouted = 4

Mail.TotalRouted.NRPC = 3

Mail.TotalRouted.SMTP = 1

Mail.Transferred = 4

Mail.Transferred.NRPC = 3

Mail.Transferred.SMTP = 1

MAIL.Waiting = 4

MAIL.WaitingForDNS = 0

MAIL.WaitingRecipients = 4