Bob Married Carol (Facebook)

I think it is funny when someone starts on facebook and their initial settings start getting established. Hence this “status change” that appeared for Bob.


Congratulations! About time you made an honest woman of her Bob!

Happy Birthday Ted!

While we all celebrated last Sunday ahead of the (ahem) procedure… I thought we needed a date stamp here on Mac5 to honor Uncle Ted! And to help explain why his strawberry birthday cake said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PNUT!”, transcripts from Ted’s cell phone (Verizon rips us off at 20 cents per):

Here’s what $1.00 buys you:

8-21-08: Ayy whats up -shawty kno

10-2-08: U stil g0t time 2 send pics b4 da wedding..

10-7-08: U still comin sat?

10-14-08: U sleep pnut

10-15-08: Wheres pnut

11-03-08: Hey pnut

More Fun Than A Big Red Balloon

A poem by my sister.

red-balloon-film.jpgI went to the mailbox and what did I see?

My brother Jeb sent a DVD!

What a surprise, what a treat!

I ran inside and took a seat.

I stuck that disk into my laptop.

I started watching and could not stop!

The people the scenery, the pictures of Dad,

It made me feel happy, joyful, and sad.

I thought to myself, “that Jeb’s a great guy”

I’m happy to know him and if you ask me why,

I’ll tell you he’s funny, he’s charming and wise

he’s a sensitive, creative, original guy!

If you get to see him one day soon

tell him he’s more fun than a big red balloon.

Thanks To My Golfing Uncles

Dear Uncle Bob and Uncle Bill,

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the invitation-only B.S.R.C. Golf Tournament, although I regret that my opportunity was only afforded at the expense of your (Uncle Bill’s) hip ailment.

Thank you also for your contribution of equipment to get me started. As you can see in the photo below, I am well equipped for my fourth set of lessons from my Dad. My goal is to improve to a level where I will neither embarrass you nor the equipment.

In the photo below, you will notice that my father has already begun my instruction as he is explaining where the ball should make contact on the club. You will see where I am proudly displaying Jeff’s alma mater, N.C. State. Most of the clubs in the bag are the originals used by Jeff at college, although I have acquired a new putter. At the bottom of the photo you will see my new golf shoes, which are far superior to the last set of $5 garage sale golf shoes I owned, which failed on the 17th hole (all cleats breaking off, leaving only bolts) resulting in the CFO of our company making me finish the 18th hole in my socks.

You will also see the dozen balls, Uncle Bob, that you supplied me in the egg carton. My father tells me these are quality balls, and has yet to let me use them in practice. Instead we use the practice balls he keeps in a Wallgreen’s bag in his trunk.


I know all players in the B.S.R.C. are apprehensive about my play. I can assure you I have improved in just four lessons, making logarithmic gains. I suspect we will be able to use one of my drives within the first three holes.

Thank you again. I look forward to seeing you tax-weekend in April.

Your nephew,


Adorable Jeb Sucking Thumb

Following a google ad for “everything jeb” on my own blog, I landed on an e-bay item entitled “Adorable Jeb Sucking Thumb.” I have 3 hours and 37 minutes to decide if I should by this for my Mom.

CC in Sydney

CC left a comment on one of Claire’s blog postings. The message seems harmless, but asked for information about where Claire lives. The e-mail address also looks a bit suspicious, and the MovableType spam rating did not like the i.p. address of the sender.

Since you should never give out personal information to someone you don’t know, I sent the e-mail below from my junk e-mail box. This could be a mendacious adult posing as a kid, but in the event it is a real kid, I thought it would be nice for her to get a response.

I really can’t think of a way for one kid to prove they’re a kid unlesss they meet in person or they have someone they know in common. Can you?

— Fishback wrote:

> Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 04:06:39 -0800 (PST)

> From: Fishback

> Subject: Hello from CC’s Dad

> To:


> Thank you for your recent blog post. I’m CC’s Dad and I do not allow her

> to e-mail strangers. You asked her on your post where she is from. She

> lives in the southeast United States.


> I don’t know how two kids on the internet can prove they are kids and not

> someone trying to trick another kid, which is ashame.


> Hope the weather is nice in Sydney. We are very chilly here.


> Thanks for leaving a post!


> CC’s Dad

Chat, Sleep, Time Zones, and Math

I was surprised to see Danny on line early one morning when I was at work. I floated the mouse over his name and the information shown here (click to zoom in) showed up. Anyone care to do the math and take into account Central vs. Eastern time and figure out when he got in and when he went to bed?

Certainly he was snoozing when I took this snapshot.