Her “Hotness Rating” (was) Volcanic

If you are ever curious to what the world is looking for on any given day, go visit Google Trends where you can see the top 100 search topics.

With the VP announcement yesterday, almost a quarter of those 100 topics were related to Sarah Palin. Her Google “hotness rating” quickly hit Volcanic.

Today (Saturday of Labor Day weekend) she was quickly pushed to the back of the bus. The hottest topics of the day are “notre dame schedule”, “penn state schedule”, “georgia bulldog schedule” and the like.

As fascinating as this election has been this summer, America is moving on to something more serious for Fall: College Football.

Sarah (Not) On Cover of Vogue

sarah-palin-vogue.jpgThe Sarah Palin VP announcement has created a lot of buzz in the house. This morning, Kathy pulled up this photo of a *recent* cover shot from Vogue. This is not a spoof. (Debunked by Ted.)

Dick Cheney never made Vogue. Which makes me think of Cheney’s hunting accident. Since Palin would often wake up at 3 a.m. to go moose hunting with her dad, I bet she is a better shot than Cheney.

Palin’s favorite food is Moose Stew.

This race was interesting, but it just got fascinating.

Obama is Winning Texas

Since the Texas primary last week, the media has been referring to Texas as a Clinton win and moved on to Mississippi and Pennsylvania. That was much of what was discussed on Fox News and CNN tonight.

I was trying to understand what the effective “win” number is for Obama. I figured it is the total number of Democratic delegates *minus* the super delegates divided by 2 plus 1. If Obama goes into the convention with one more delegate than Hillary, how can the super delegates override this? No matter… as I was looking at the CNN tally site I saw *TWO* entries for Texas. One for the primaries and one for the caucuses… which are only 41% counted. (They’ll be counting until March 24…. very manual.)

So while Clinton beat Obama in the primaries 77 to 71 (or a net 6 delegate gain), projections are showing Obama beating Clinton in the Texas caucus 38 to 29 (a net 9 delegate gain.) This puts Obama winning Texas with a 9 – 6 = 3 delegate lead… a state that was supposed to be a “Clinton firewall.”

This was not mentioned on any of the news shows I watched tonight, but some bloggers are noticing. The media have no patience for slow countin’ Texans.

JEB:LOG Endorses the Obamas

While Stonegate’s End is unable to offer a unified endorsement, this blog is able to endorse the Obamas, and casted one vote in that direction today. That’s Barak and Michelle. There are several reasons behind this endorsement, but one conclusion kept repeating itself: “The Obamas may just be who the Clinton’s pretended to be four terms ago.”

Other thoughts:

* Barack was taken outside the U.S. for many years of his youth. One reason he sees America united is because that is how he thought about it for so long– home.

* Barack, like Tiger, embodies our diversity and makes the most of it.

* Barack’s mother was an intellectual and an atheist, teaching him to think about everything. She may not have made all the right decisions, but her decision to send him home to be raised by his grandmother put him on track for today.

* Michelle is an accomplished professional Harvard graduate who proudly says she is a mother first. You could tell the way she said it you better never suggest otherwise. (I’ve never heard Hillary sound that convincing.) She says work-life balance would be one of her major causes as First Lady.

* It’s good to cast this vote in Georgia.

Polls close here in 10 minutes.