Sunny Desktop

mcc-sun-11-2008.pngI bought Parallels for our iMac some time ago so that Kathy and the kids could run things associated with school and work that had to be in a Windows environment. Mainly older school-based systems that required Explorer. We also needed to run Publisher sometimes.

I needed to run Parallels to diagnose a three month old clicking Seagate GoFlex 2TB USB drive. The diagnostics software only runs on Windows and is a required step before returning the drive for replacement. This continues a trend with external USB drives of about a 1 in 3 failure. It is really disappointing, and I’ve experienced it with Seagate, Western Digital, and LaCie.

Anyhow, fired up Parallels and found Claire had changed the Windows desktop. A much better version than the standard Windows desktop if I may say so myself! She did this in November of 2008 based on the graphic’s file date. Pretty good trick, creating and replacing the Windows desktop for a kid raised on Macs.

Something to smile about when you have a broken hard drive. Feel free to download!

Retaining Wall Graph

Stuck in traffic on the access road to 85/75 coming up to 14th street, I spotted this long retaining wall painted white with a graph. The data point labels may be causing wrecks.

This photo is about a 10th of the entire wall.


Write Like an Architect

I couldn’t believe the author used a square to draw every vertical of every letter. He must only do this when doing formal notation on projects. The quote at the end begs the question, “Why not use a computer?”

In memory of John Horky. Wherever you are…